Sample Scripture Songs


Inspiration has been given to write scripture songs beginning with this next Qt. 2019 4th Qt. and every quarter following. This is being used as a fund raiser for White Creek Wellness Center. The CDs (free shipping) or MP3s are available on the 2019 song released page with a password. or an mp3 can be sent to your phone.

To order CD or to get the password call Kathie @ 865-256-5113 Credit Cards accepted
“There are few means more effective for fixing His words in the memory than repeating them in song.”  {Ed 167.4}

2019 4th Quarter (3 sample songs of 13)

#1. Rom.5:11      2019 4 1 Rom. 5.11           

#5. Lev.16:30   2019 4 5 Liv 16.30               

#13. 1Thes.5:23,24     2019 4 13 1 Thes 5.23.24